Job security

UPTE-CWA Local 9119 has a positive plan to preserve high-quality jobs that provide educational, research, and public service support at the University of California. UPTE-CWA’s plan includes:

  1. Provide campus-wide seniority: make seniority mean something. Seniority shouldn’t end at the department door. When entire layoff units are threatened, employees shouldn’t lose their seniority.
  2. Retrain and place laid-off employees in vacant UC jobs: there should be no outside job postings while there are qualified employees whose jobs are threatened. Place threatened employees in vacant jobs.
  3. Set up job re-training centers: identify University of California job needs and plan for the future by training employees for the growth jobs.
  4. Increase employee input into efficiencies: front-line employees are the best resources for identifying and implementing job efficiencies. Make use of this knowledge by soliciting and acting on advice from those who know.
  5. Increase flexibility on the job to adjust for changing budget allocations: voluntary time reduction programs, job sharing, and flexible scheduling are examples of creative uses of resources. Encourage and enable creative solutions at all organizational levels.
  6. Keep retirement attainable: encourage departments to protect the retirement
    possibilities for long-term employees. Offer the possibilities of reduced appointments, leaves of absence, use of accrued vacation leave, etc. to maintain active payroll status. When UC loses employees, it loses the knowledge and experience of dedicated employees. When we are able to maintain employment, staff, faculty, students, and the public all benefit. Invest in the University of California by investing in staff job security.