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IT Professionals Say 'Union YES!'
Information technology professionals are essential to UC’s educational, research, and public service missions, but currently we have no effective way to address workplace issues. With union representation, we will be able to negotiate collectively with UC over pay, workload, job security, professional development, and many other issues.

Competitive Pay
The University is facing budget challenges, but budgets are about more than money – they’re about priorities, too. UC’s 12,000 technical and research professionals are represented by UPTE. They negotiated up to 14.5% pay increases in their last contract.
We need the same kind of representation.

“UPTE representation could correct the inequities in the UC salary system that have left us lagging far behind when compared to programmers in the private sector.” –DAVID SOOKNE, Programmer Analyst III, UC Los Angeles
DAVID SOOKNE, Programmer Analyst III, UC Los Angeles

“The merit pay system is a complete farce. It has never been adequately funded and, even if it was, it still makes our salary increases dependent on many other factors besides true performance. We need a fair and transparent pay system.” -PAUL SOSBEE, Programmer Analyst II,
UC Santa Cruz

Workload Protections

Budget cuts and consolidation of services leave us overworked and stressed-out. UPTE’s health care professionals’ bargaining unit contract guarantees employees the right to meet with management over staffing issues.

“It’s unreasonable to expect an on-call response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any extra compensation. UC’s computer operators won on-call pay by voting for UPTE.  We programmer analysts need to do the same.”
STEVE SCHMIDHAUSER, Programmer/Analyst III, UC Los Angeles

AIRDRI STODDART, Programmer Analyst I, UC Berkeley
"Our campus consolidated and completely reorganized IT support functions. They hired an outside consultant for millions of dollars to facilitate meetings, compile data, and discuss it – but only with managers. IT staff need a union and the strength that comes from professional staff working together.” –AIRDRI STODDART, Programmer Analyst I, UC Berkeley

Guaranteed Support for Training and Professional Development
It can be difficult for us as IT professionals to take the classes and other trainings necessary to remain current in our fields. A union contract can guarantee us the ability to do so. A contract can specify that we need to be granted the time to take classes and can guarantee that UC pays for relevant courses and certifications.

“As IT services become more centralized, programmer analysts will need protection in uncertain budget times, so we can continue to provide high quality services to support UC’s mission.” –JEFF STERN, Programmer Analyst III, UC Irvine
JEFF STERN, Programmer Analyst III, UC Irvine

UPTE has a strong reputation for supporting career employment at UC. Staff Research Associate I’s (covered by UPTE’s contract for UC research professionals) are guaranteed a reclassification review after two years in this position. Career development and career ladders are ways for us to remain at the tops of our fields, and stay at UC long-term.

“Research professionals with an UPTE contract are guaranteed a reclassification review after two years in an entry level position. I’d like to see similar guarantees for programmers.” –ROBERT WILSON, Data Manager, UC San Francisco

Job Security
Our jobs are threatened by outsourcing and consolidation of services, as well as an increase in the number of “contract” positions with limited benefits and rights. Without a union, we are more vulnerable. We deserve to have a say in what happens to the services we provide.

“The trend toward consolidation of services is penny-wise, but pound-foolish. It leaves departments without the responsive, specialized services that they need and deserve. And it leaves us over-worked.” –LINDEY CLOUD, Programmer Analyst III, UCLA

Health and Safety

We face unique health and safety challenges that result from our extensive work at computer stations (such as musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries). Some of us are also affected physical moves of our workspaces and by exposure to dust (resulting in asthma and other pulmonary illnesses).

“A union contract can give us important health and safety protections, such as the ones UPTE negotiated for its unit of UC technical and research employees.” JERRY PECHARICH, Programmer Analyst II, UCSF

We Invite You to Join Us
We want a union for IT professionals at UC. We want to work with UPTE-CWA because it’s the union with a proven track record of supporting UC’s professional employees.

DAVID SOLENO, Programmer/Analyst III, UC San Diego
“Ours is a time of ever increasing corporate and institutional control…it seems only logical that we as employees should band together so that our common interests cannot be easily dismissed by our employer.” DAVID SOLENO, Programmer/Analyst III, UC San Diego

Join the campaign to get a real voice and much needed protections for UC’s information technology professionals. We’re signing authorization cards to register our votes for UPTE. Please add your voice today!
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