AP Voices: Administrative professionals organizing for change
March 24, 2016
Administrative Professionals deserve a fair pay raise this year!
Administrative professionals work hard every day to keep the University running--from student and research support, to budgeting and planning, to IT and library services.

But we face increasing workloads, budget cuts, and campus-wide reorganizations and consolidations. Chronic understaffing means we’re often assigned tasks previously performed by 2 or 3 employees. Our retirement and health benefits costs soar, while our paychecks take the hit from inflation.

We need a fair pay plan that calls for an across-the-board raise of 4% for each of the next 4 years because it will take many years of significant salary gains to address years of paltry or non-existent pay increases.

Merit-based increases as rewards for outstanding performance are fine, but are no substitute for regular across-the-board increases for all of us who do our jobs and contribute to UC's missions. For all our hard work, we deserve a fair pay raise to keep pace with inflation and catch up with our represented co-workers.

4% for 4!

Sign the UPTE fair pay petition online; print it and circulate to your co-workers.  Let's advocate for ourselves to get the respect we deserve; fair pay raises are a necessary step in the right direction.

Going forward, the only way to guarantee regular pay raises that at least keep pace with inflation is with a union contract. Sign an UPTE authorization petition/card to show your support for union representation.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us. Check us out on Facebook!
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