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March 10, 2016
Survey says: confusion about pay increases
In December, 2015 UPTE surveyed UC Administrative Professionals system wide about their 2015/2016 pay raise experiences. More than 1800 people responded; here’s a brief summary of what we found.

  • 80% got a raise of 2.6%-3%
  • Of those who were informed they would not receive a raise, 51% were new hires, and not eligible
  • 35% of respondents weren’t notified of the amount of their pay increase for 2015/2016
  • 67% stated they did not understand the rules and procedures used to determine the pay increase

There was a great deal of confusion about the pay raises; and a great variation in how campuses and departments distributed the raises.

While we are encouraged that Administrative Professionals received a pay raise of 3% for 2015-16, it’s still too little too late. Administrative Professionals – the only unrepresented workers in the UC system-- have suffered for decades from nonexistent or minute pay raises that left us in the dust compared to our represented co-workers who receive regular cost of living increases in addition to step increases.

Administrative Professionals need union representation to change this dynamic for the long-term.

Meanwhile, for the third year in a row, UPTE is advocating for a fair pay program—4% across-the-board increase for each of the next four years to catch up with our represented co-workers.

Across-the-board cost of living increases are fair and help us keep pace with inflation. Performance-based raises by themselves will lead to more arbitrary and unfair treatment of Administrative Professionals.

In the coming weeks, look for the petition UPTE will circulate advocating 4% for 4 years. Please sign it and circulate it.

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