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September 10, 2015
Restoring the promise of the University of California
For more than a century, the University of California has served as a model for public higher education in the United States. UC educated workers drive the California economy, and a UC diploma is one of the most direct routes to a higher income. Thousands of us are proud to make careers serving the research, teaching, and public service missions of UC.

But California public higher education has been under attack. UC executives pit employees against students in a competition for limited funds. Research is increasingly influenced by the priorities of private funding sources.

UPTE supports publicly-funded affordable, accessible, high quality public higher education for all Californians. That is why we helped to found the Reclaim CA Higher Education Coalition.

State divestment from public higher education

As California has divested from public higher education, tuition and fees have risen. Students now bear more of the costs of education than the state. What is the definition of PUBLIC education?

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UC funding

How do we get California’s higher education plan back on track?

  1. There are many proposals to increase and stabilize California’s revenue sources (property tax reform, oil extraction tax, marijuana regulation, sales tax, etc.). Support those that benefi t higher education. We need to work together to make public higher education a priority again.

  2. Join with UPTE to advocate for administrative professional concerns by signing an authorization card and support our efforts to reclaim higher education!

  3. Sign up as a supporter on the Reclaim CA Higher Education website at reclaimcahighered.org

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