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July 29, 2015
3% pay increase is a start
UC has announced salary increases for 2015-16, following months of activism by administrative professional (AP) staff for a “Fair Pay Program” that includes pay increases of 4% for each of the next four years. APs turned in more than 1200 signatures to campus chancellors and UC President Janet Napolitano.

UC Santa Cruz APs deliver petititons to Chancellor
UC Santa Cruz APs deliver petititons to Chancellor

UC’s target figure is 3% and will be issued as “across-the-board” increases at some campuses and “merit”-based at others. In “merit”-based systems, pay increases are influenced by performance evaluations and some employees may receive less than 3% in order to accommodate those receiving increases greater than 3%. Merit-based increases as rewards for outstanding performance are fine, but are no substitute for regular across-the-board increases that keep pace with inflation.

In addition, some campuses will implement equity increases for specific job titles that lag significantly behind market rates.

The increases are due in large part to a combination of activism from APs and hard negotiating by unionized UC employees (including health care professionals, researchers, clerical staff, nurses, service workers and graduate student employees). Their contracts set the bar higher for all employees.

3% is a start, but it will take many years of significant salary gains to address years of paltry or non-existent pay increases. The only way to guarantee raises that at least keep pace with inflation is with a union contract.
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