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May 07, 2015
Last Call!
We’ll be submitting the “4% for 4petition signatures to campus chancellors and to UC President Napolitano in the near future. Don’t forget to add your voice to the growing list of UC professionals advocating for 4% pay increases for each of the next four years as part of a Fair Pay Program!

Here are some of those voices from your coworkers around the State:

“Some consistent raises would help make it easier to maintain basic living status. As everything else goes up in price, the salaries seem to stay the same. Why is that??  I’m not asking for a hand out – just to make things fair and balanced.” –Programmer 3, UC Davis

“I love my career at UCSD. I am honored to work with such dedicated faculty and wonderful students. This university means the world to me and I know I help to make it a fantastic community. Every year my salary remains relatively the same, I lose money because my work and living expenses increase. A glance at job postings shows me that other departments offer higher salaries and that leaving my department is the only way I can receive an increase in compensation. My UC education has also left me with a substantial student loan debt.” –Program Rep II, UC San Diego

But it’s not all doom and gloom, thanks to the humor and commitment of our colleagues:

“Looking on the bright side, with increased health and retirement costs, my pay has deteriorated to the point where I qualify for the CA renter's credit! I thought those days were over a long time ago.” –Analyst 3, UC San Francisco

Add your voice and leave us your comments!

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