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April 17, 2015
Have you forgotten something?
Your taxes are done and now you can help secure your financial future at UC: Sign the “4% for 4” pay petition advocating for 4% pay increases for each of the next four years!

Here are some of the things people are telling us about their pay at UC:

“Due to the increase in our pension contributions, health insurance premiums, life insurance premiums, and disability insurance premiums, I'm now taking home less money than I was a year ago at this time.” –Senior Editor at UCLA

“It's very discouraging to hear the people at the top encourage us to better ourselves so that we can get a better paying job elsewhere. We work hard to make the UC work well and deserve to be recognized for our time and efforts, just like the people at the top with their large salaries, excellent retirement packages and housing assistance.” Events Specialist at UC Berkeley

“In all of my UC positions over the past 16 years I have worked as an engaged, responsible, and committed employee. With a Master's Degree and many years of experience before UC as well I currently earn $57,000. While I appreciate my salary and benefits, I would like to be able to save more money for retirement and purchase a home. One of the most important vehicles to gain these goals are dependable raises each year.” –Trainer at UC Davis

Add your voice and share your story at 4% for 4!

For more information, please visit our website or contact us. Check us out on Facebook!

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