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January 15, 2015
Administrative Professionals: What's next?

2015 marks a new chapter in the efforts of UC Administrative Professionals to unionize with UPTE. Administrative Professional staff are organizing with UPTE because we care about fair compensation and effective career development.

Here’s a summary of what’s been happening.


  • UPTE-represented employees win guaranteed pay increases for 2014-2017
  • UPTE negotiates maintenance of a single tier for pension benefits (including for new-hires)
  • The “Rule of 50” (that would have reduced retiree health benefits for half of UC employees without a union contract) was rescinded to match that achieved by unionized staff
  • UPTE-sponsored petition drives result in 3% pay increases for Administrative Professional staff (reduced to a net 1.5% increase after increased pension contribution)


  • UPTE holds scores of “wage workshops” that train UC Administrative Professionals to get a reclassification, equity increase or administrative stipend
  • UPTE-sponsored petition drive again results in 3% pay increases for Administrative Professional staff (again reduced to a net 1.5% increase after increased pension contribution)
  • Survey shows that Administrative Professionals’ greatest concern is for pay raises that make up for years of small or non-existent pay increases
  • Thousands of administrative professional staff signed cards in support of unionization with UPTE
  • UPTE holds Know Your Rights trainings for staff without a union contract, educating about rights under staff personnel policies

Where do we go next?

  • We have a window of opportunity to hold an election to vote Yes for UPTE before we bargain contracts again in 2017
  • We need to talk with our coworkers, share why we support a union, and gather more supporters
  • UPTE will hold trainings to update supporters, listen to what employees are most concerned about, and train employees to talk with coworkers
  • Be on the lookout for emails, flyers, and phone calls announcing a training in your work area soon!
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