AP Voices: Administrative professionals organizing for change
August 14, 2013
What is important to the university's future?
New revenue sources, coupled with adequate staffing levels, will be key to the future of the University of California.

That’s the clear consensus among respondents to our recent survey of UC administrative professionals.

When asked to identify items that are “very important” to the university’s future:

  • 78% named “new revenue sources”
  • 76% also chose the related item, “a real financial commitment to all public education in California” and
  • 73% stressed the need for “adequate staffing levels”

A large majority of respondents – 71% – also see securing a staff representative on the pension board as a top concern.

And 70% said “improved transparency in university operations” will be critical in the years to come.

What is important to the university's future

Restoring and protecting the university’s missions will take work on many fronts – and it is clear that we have a better chance of are more likely to succeed when we stand together.

That’s why administrative professional employees are working with UPTE, the union for professional employees at UC, to explore long-term solutions to secure UC’s future.

Join us. Sign an authorization card saying that you support UPTE for administrative professional employees. And join the union by downloading and filling out a membership application; call us toll-free at 888-740-8783 and we’ll be happy to pick it up.

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