AP Voices: Administrative professionals organizing for change
July 31, 2013
With no raises, how do they expect us to live?
Beginning next summer (2014), mandatory pension contributions will once again increase for non-represented staff at UC, the regents announced this month.

The changes, which do not apply to UPTE-represented employees, require administrative professionals to pay an additional 1.5% of their salary toward retirement benefits, for a total of 8% under the “legacy tier" and 7% under the “2013 tier.”

Combined with the 1.5% pension contribution increase imposed this month, the change will wipe out our entire 3% pay increase just awarded.

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Judging by the dozens of comments left on UCOP’s “Our University” web page, the change is none too popular. 

“This is disgusting,” posted one reader. “With no raises, how do they expect us to live? We are paying more taxes and the cost of living keeps going up.”

“All I can say is . . . . . Shame on you UC!,” commented another. “When are you going to trickle some of the money down to the real workers? The ones who work twice as hard and never see any raises.”

One wrote simply: “Time to start calling this what it is: a pay cut.”
But for union-represented employees, these changes “are subject to collective bargaining,” as the announcement notes.

UPTE-CWA remains in a firm coalition with CNA (the nurses union) to preserve robust retirement benefits. History shows us that union contracts set the bar for all employees, including those not covered by contracts.

You can help. Sign an authorization card saying that you support UPTE for administrative professional employees. And join the union by downloading and filling out a membership application; call us toll-free at 888-740-8783 and we’ll be happy to pick it up.

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