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July 10, 2013
What you need to know NOW about your benefits
One fact leaps out from our recent survey of administrative professionals: Up to 40 percent of you hadn’t heard about or were only vaguely aware of changes related to retirement that took effect July 1.

For employees without a union contract, 1.5% increases in employee retirement contributions will eat up about half the raise we got this year.

And next year, our healthcare costs are sure to increase.

Around half of current employees now come under the “2013 Tier” for retiree health benefits, requiring them to work longer and pay more to receive less, because they will not meet the “Rule of 50.”The rule of 50

Also beginning this month, all new hires will fall under the 2013 Tier of pension and retiree health benefits. This second tier is not just bad for morale; it also will fuel eventual attacks on more expensive “legacy” benefits.

We’re still analyzing the results of the AP survey and will have more to reveal later. For now, read more about how these changes will affect you – and how you can fight to
preserve your benefits.

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