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December 07, 2012
All I want for the New Year is a fair pay raise!
The UC Regents have received UPTE’s petition, signed by more than 1,400 administrative professional employees from throughout the UC system, with this modest request: a fair pay raise to try to keep pace with inflation.

The petition was publicly delivered to the Regents November 15 at their San Francisco meeting by UPTE vice president Lisa Kermish
(a retired 32-year employee at UC Berkeley).

“We keep UC working, day in and day out, at the same time we face budget cuts, increasing workloads, and higher retirement and benefits costs,” said Susan Orlofsky, a senior editor at UC San Diego. “A fair pay raise, keeping us at least even with inflation, is a modest request.”

UPTE has also sent a letter to the Regents echoing the petition’s request. We await a response. Until administrative professional employees gain the power of a union contract, lobbying the Regents and our campus chancellors are the only avenues available to us. So let’s keep the pressure on!

As the new year approaches, keep your eye on the prize – a fair pay raise so that we can continue to provide high quality services in support of UC’s teaching, research, and public service missions.

Please download this flyer and post it in your cubicle, your break room, or on your employee bulletin board. Let UC know that we care about our jobs. Happy New Year to all!

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