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August 15, 2012
Layoffs: How can UPTE help?
Unfortunately, more layoffs at UC may be inevitable. But when cuts loom, employees represented by UPTE are better protected.

UPTE’s contracts offer key advantages—most significantly, the University can’t cancel or reduce severance pay for UPTE-unionized employees.

UPTE contracts also provide:

  • Extended notice to individuals who will be laid off (60 days vs. 30 days for non-union employees)
  • Respect for years of service, which UC unilaterally eliminated for non-represented staff last year
  • Fair, transparent criteria in selecting people for layoff order
  • A guaranteed option to seek preferential rehire
Not only do these provisions ensure crucial financial benefits for those facing layoff, they also make layoffs less attractive for the university, encouraging them to exhaust all other alternatives first.
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