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April 04, 2012
UC efficiency programs mean job cuts
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Whatever it’s called at your campus, “Operational Excellence” (OE) is already changing the way UC does business. OE is the bureaucratic term for a number of business process redesigns on tap for the system, including:

  • Plans for fewer people to do more work with fewer resources
  • Major cuts in areas such as HR, IT, financial services, and grants management
  • Layoffs and department closures

Under OE, knowledge, specialization, responsiveness and quality suffer.

Cuts alone are not the solution to budget challenges. At University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) we believe in working to secure stable funding to support UC.

The University of California stands at a crossroads of being able to continue as the world’s premiere public university. Let us have a voice so that we can see that it succeeds.

To find out more about OE, and how you can help, visit www.APsforUPTE.org.

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"We keep UC running with fewer and fewer resources every year. We need to organize to protect our jobs and benefits.-PAUL SOSBEE, Programmer/Analyst, UCSC
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