AP Voices: Administrative professionals organizing for change
February 21, 2012 __________________________________________________________________
Even as workloads increase, wages and benefits lag for administrative professionals at UC -- hurting the University’s ability to attract the best people and serve its mission.

But this doesn't have to continue.

University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) has bargained a contract that increases the pay for UC's research and technical employees up to 15 percent over three years.

UPTE representation has made a real difference for them, and it can do the same for us.

Jane Gunter & Lourdes Escamilla, UCR "We need to be heard. UPTE could be the voice for all the administrative professionals at the University of California."
-Jane Gunter and Lourdes Escamilla, Analyst IIIs, UCR

It's no secret that the University of California is pressed for money. But budgets aren't only about numbers -- they're also about priorities. Non-union workers have no say about how cuts are implemented, making us an easy target during tough times. 

This crisis has been building a long time, and we must work together to create long-term solutions. By partnering with the University, we can fight for ballot initiatives and legislation to help secure a stable revenue stream that adequately funds public education.

"We keep UC running with fewer and fewer resources every year. We need to organize to protect our jobs and benefits.”
Paul Sosbee, Programmer/Analyst, UCSC
Paul Sosbee, UCSC

The time to rebuild is now. 

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Administrative professionals at UC continue to face lagging wages and increased pension contributions. Meanwhile, our UPTE-represented colleagues have secured a contract with raises of up to 15% over three years. Data used to produce this graph are available here.
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