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January 18, 2012 __________________________________________________________________
Why have 80,000 of your UC co-workers chosen union representation? It’s because being in a union makes a positive difference. 12,000 UC employees (social workers, pharmacists, staff research associates, writers and editors – among many others) are already represented by UPTE-CWA, the union for UC professional employees.

They’ve been able to negotiate language about salaries, pensions, health benefits, and health and safety on the job, whereas people without a union contract (like us Administrative Professionals) have no say.
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Nancy Kato and Jean Day "We believe administrative professionals, like all staff, deserve a voice in decision making about just salaries, pension contributions, health care costs, and layoff policies. As a member-driven union, UPTE has an excellent record of bargaining fair contracts and promoting professional development for UC employees." - Nancy Kato, Assistant Registrar and Jean Day, Senior Editor, UCB
What difference can a union contract make? Over 80,000 University of California employees are covered by contracts, including researchers, health care professionals, lecturers, librarians, nurses, clericals and service employees. And 12,000 UC professional and technical employees are represented by UPTE-CWA Local 9119. Here are just some of the reasons they’ve said “UPTE Yes!

UPTE-CWA-represented employees negotiated guaranteed pay raises of up to 15% for 2010-2013. Successive years of no salary increases or tiny increases (including a 3% raise in 2011) that don’t come close to keeping pace with inflation.
Length of service is the criterion used when selecting employees for layoff. Departments are required to consider “…skills, knowledge and abilities, documented performance, and length of service…” when choosing who to lay off.
When faced with layoff, employees have the option of choosing severance pay, preferential rehire, or a hybrid of the two options. 60 days notice of layoffs. Campuses decide if they will offer recall and preferential rehire or if employees who are laid off will simply be given severance
pay. 30 days notice of layoffs.
Any furloughs and pay cuts must be negotiated. Job furloughs in 2009-2010 (equivalent to pay cuts that ranged from 4% to 11%).
A collective voice–in coalition with thousands of other unionized UC employees–in determining our healthcare benefits and costs. No say in the type and level of health care we receive, or how much it costs us.
An active coalition working with faculty and other UC unions to protect our pension benefits. No say in the contribution amounts and investment policies of the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP).
Professional representation by trained UC stewards who are experts in UC policies and contracts You can pay for a private attorney – who may not be familiar with UC – to represent you if you have a problem on your job.
A “step-based” pay system, which has negotiated wage levels. Employees whose performance is at least “satisfactory” move up one step. This is transparent and fair. “Merit” pay system makes arbitrary salary decisions that are dependent on underfunded salary pools.
Contract language guarantees that corrective action may only be taken for “just cause.” No guarantee that corrective action will be for “just cause.”
A powerful, collective voice to advocate for our professions, our careers and our constituencies. No voice. No opinion. No power to advocate for the students, faculty and public we were hired to support
It’s time to join 80,000 other UC employees at the bargaining table. Administrative professionals – including Analysts, Programmers, Admin Specialists, Student Affairs Officers, Buyers, Accountants, Learning Skills Counselors and many others – want the same rights as other UC employees. Support UPTE by signing the card. Let the administration know that you’re standing up for UC’s teaching, research and public service missions by standing up
for yourself.
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