AP Voices: Administrative professionals organizing for change
December 16, 2011
Administrative professional staff want fair wages, job security, and to protect our pensions and benefits. “The first six weeks of our campaign have been a great success. Thousands of us have signed authorization cards to form a union – a strong majority of those we have spoken to.” –Keith Pavlik, Senior Publications Coordinator, UCSF

If you've already signed a card, thank you. If you haven't yet, you can sign it here. It's not surprising that administrative professional employees want a union. Our wages are stagnant, our job security is threatened and we have had little opportunity for advancement. At the same time 80,000 of our UC colleagues who do have union representation have received raises (up to 14.5%) that have more than offset pension and healthcare increases. It's our time now!

It will take many of us to get the job done. Please let us know if you are willing to talk to your co-workers about our efforts to form a union.

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at 888-740-8783 to get more cards to distribute at your worksite.

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at APs@upte-cwa.org with any questions.

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Janel & Michael, Student Affairs Officer IIIs, UCLA "We have to stand together because there is strength in numbers. Being part of a union not only helps us as employees but also strengthens the mission of the University.” –Janel Munguia and Michael Lambert, Student Affairs Officer IIIs, UCLA
UPTE is the UC union for 12,000 researchers, technical employees, and health care professionals, and we have proven our ability to successfully bargain with UC through the toughest of times. “We are confident that organizing with UPTE will provide both protection and improvements going forward.  It's a chance for positive change.” –Jessea Greenman, Student Services Advisor, UCB.
"It is time for us to have a voice. Without one, the university ignores us. It is time for us to have a union." -Dora Scott, Analyst I, UCSF
Dora Scott, Analyst I, UCSF
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